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On the back of the sensors are two plastic pins. You can cut them off easily using wire-cutting pliers.

Make sure that the legs of the sensor are not bend. Then push them into the drill hole, by use of some force.

Using the wire-cutting pliers remove the two diodes from the strip of cardboard. You can identify them by the glas-shell, the red colour and the black line.

Bend the legs of the diodes so the fit comfortably in the drill holes.

It is of great importance to fit the diodes the right way round. The black line has to be on the left hand side.

There is only one resistor with a measuring sensitivity of 10 kilo Ohm. It is mounted to the left of the micro-controller.

Resistors are constructed symmetrically, thus there is no right or wrong way round of fitting them.

The values of the resistors are shown through the coloured circles. One Ohm is the equivalent of an “R” and one thousand Ohm are named ”K” = kilo Ohm.

The polarity of resistors is not important. Important is that the correct values are in the correct places.

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