A fast-paced game. In the eternal duel you can reach to get a second gun as special bonus.

by Markus Haselbach programmed by Martin Fröhlich
maybites.ch and sgmk-ssam.ch

The maze game is offering many levels. Move the blinking dot avoiding the walls to the flickering dot to reach the goal. By Thomas Wappler

The classic game “Snake” for the “Mignon Game Kit 2.0” was coded by Thomas Wappler. It uses the times of the button hits to generate real random numbers for the positions of the food point. The program code is well commentated to allow easy changes and enhancements.

by Thule

You are the bright dott on the left. The aim of the game is to avoid contact with other dotts while it goes faster and faster. You control your little dott with the up and down button (with your left hand). In the beginning you have got 5 lifes. Every contact with other dotts cost one life. But it is also possible to win a life by shooting on the brighter dotts.

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