That player who is the first to combine four coins in a row wins the game. The game could be played human vs. human or human vs. computer.

use UP-key to select the human controlled players
use RIGHT-key to adjust sound volume
use LEFT-key to set the strenght of the AI-player
Start game with A or B

by Matthias Lengnick

Avoid the cars from which come from the top! This game was the first hand held computer game originally by Mattel. Because it also uses a grid of LEDs as display, one could describe it as the historical model for the Mignon Game Kit.

by Bernd Birkicht

1 x Printed Circuit Board
1 x LED-Dot-Matrix-Display
2 x Dioden
1 x Speaker
3 x Capacitors
1 x Multi-Pin Connector
1 x Crystal 22 x Resistors
6 x Pushbuttons
1 x Switsh
5 x Transistors
1 x IC-Mount
6 x Battery Holder
1 x Microcontroller ATMEGA-238 pre programmed with one game

  1. +5 Volt
  2. GND (Ground)
  3. TX (Communication)
  4. RX (Communication)
  5. Reset

This version of MigPong is played with two Mignon Game Kit! For this purpose, you combine the MigProg ports with each other. To assemble the cable you can simply use the instructions in the MigWiki or you buy the MigProg-Patch-Cable from the Mignon-Shop.

by Sebastian Sester

“Min Pong” is a tennis game for two players. The first player controls with “up” and “down” and the second with “function A” and “function B”. You hit the ball to each other. Shortly after the rebound you can give the ball a “spin” by moving up or down.
by Olaf Val

This game starts with a set up mode. While “A” is displayed, you have the following options:

  • press left / right to adjust the speed (+/-)
  • press up / down to adjust the sound (+/-)
  • press A to start

While playing the Game use the following keys:

  • UP = up, left field
  • RIGHT = up, right field
  • LEFT = down, left field
  • DOWN = down, right field

This game was build 2009 by Yen ::

A fast-paced game. In the eternal duel you can reach to get a second gun as special bonus.

by Markus Haselbach programmed by Martin Fröhlich and

The maze game is offering many levels. Move the blinking dot avoiding the walls to the flickering dot to reach the goal. By Thomas Wappler

The classic game “Snake” for the “Mignon Game Kit 2.0” was coded by Thomas Wappler. It uses the times of the button hits to generate real random numbers for the positions of the food point. The program code is well commentated to allow easy changes and enhancements.

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