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Game Kit Workshop

Build and program your own minimalistic handheld computergame! Workshop for adults and teenagers (age 10+).

The “Mignon Game Kit” is a kitset which enables a minimalist “Gameboy” to be individually designed, programmed and constructed. The Workshop enable advanced learners to invent and programme their own games. In this way the do-it-yourself console of the “Mignon Game Kit” provides not only the opportunity for basic experiments with micro-electronics for first time users but can also be used as a platform for individual computer games. As opposed to conventional Gameboys the user develops a personal relationship to his device through the processes of self-production and individually determined programming.

One Game Kit (workshop version) costs 20,- Euro

Equipment (solder irons, computers, USB-Programmer, etc. ) can by supplied.

For programming we use the easy to use open source tool “Arduino”! (A GNU C++ compiler for micro controllers under a nice skin.)

The Mignon Game Kit 2.0 comes along with a library and a guiding slide show.

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