Skywalker 1.0

by Thule

You are the bright dott on the left. The aim of the game is to avoid contact with other dotts while it goes faster and faster. You control your little dott with the up and down button (with your left hand). In the beginning you have got 5 lifes. Every contact with other dotts cost one life. But it is also possible to win a life by shooting on the brighter dotts.

You shoot by pressing the A button. ATTENTION! Even the bright dotts will cost you a life if you crash into them! The brighter you are the more lifes you have. If you start blinking slownly you have got 6 lifes. If you are blinking fast you have reached the maximum of 7 lifes. Any more shooting is just for fun, but you should concentrate on your movement now. In the end you get a feedback: the number of dotts and the frequenz of the tone show you which speedlevel you reached.

If you like to change the map or make it longer you simply have to change the upper part of the program. The part after “uint8_t frame[5][Laenge] PROGMEM ={“ is the map. Every 0 turns a light off, a 1 stands for a darker dott and a 15 is an bright aim which will give you a point if you shoot at it. ATTENTION! If you change the map you have to make shure that you have 5 rows and you have to count your collums and if neccesary change the value after „#define Laenge“ in the line above. It is also important that the last 7 collums are exactly like the first seven are.

Hope you enjoy it!

© olaf val, 2022