With a little patience the many legs of the display can be guided into the drill holes without violence. The printed edge is usually turned to the right.

The multi-pin connector for attaching the Mignon programmer is soldered to the short side. The long pins reach into the notch of the circuit- board.

The switch allows for choosing between the supply of power via batteries or through USB.

The speaker consists of a so called Piezo element capsuled in a plastic case. (Polarity is unimportant.)
Please do not cut the plastic pins of the speakers!

Fit the five transistors with the flattened side faced downward.

The transistor was the most important building part in the development of the computer. We use the five transistors to turn on and off the more powerful current with the relatively weak current running from the processor. The stronger current in powers the 7 LEDs.

As an exception The clips for the battery holder are fitted to the conductor plate from the back!

At this point you need some strength. Sivery surfaces between the holders show how to insert the batteries.

Caution! Danger of burns! The complete holder becomes hot.

The battery holders serve as a cooling element during soldering. Hold the soldering- iron to the sheet with the flat side as shown in the picture for a moment. You can use plenty of solder.

Please close the “eyelets” completely in order to avoid loose contacts.

Do built a case immediately. Your game is extremely sensitive in the area near the quartz on the back.

A sticker or a droplet of hot-glue across the conducting paths between quartz and microcontroller suffice.

Bag, carrier, case

By using a hot glue gun and some fantasy a diverse range of material – even „rubbish“- can be made good use of.

The extension port possesses five circuit points that a multipoint connector is soldered to. Beneath it is another eyelet that can also be used. (The multipoint connector is not included in all versions of the Game Kit).

In order to programme the game kit via the MigProg interface you need a microcontroller already equipped with a Bootloader programme. The enclosed controller is fitted with such a Bootloader. When you buy a new controller or loose the Bootloader programme through a mistake it can be re-installed via the ISP interface.

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